Willits Elementary Charter School - A Free K-5 Alternative

WECS is a free, public charter school. We are centrally located across the street from Rec. Grove Park, the Willits Public Library, and the Mendocino County Museum.

Our mission is to equip elementary students with the academic and social skills needed to become self-motivated, competent, life-long learners. We strive to help students become productive citizens who respect themselves, others, community, diversity, and the environment. 

Our academic program includes inquiry-based learning, Spanish language development, outdoor and physical education, music, and art. 

All on-site classes are currently full; we welcome new student applications to keep on file at any time. 

Please call 459-1400 if you have questions.

eScrip is easy! No cards to register and it can mean hundreds of dollars towards WECS. Please click this link and check it out. :

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